Our competent production drivers for your TV formats

Our experienced production drivers ensure the effective organization of rides to the film sets. They are responsible for the entire transport before, during and after the filming. Your equipments and props will be delivered to the locations, reliably and in time. EURONEA supports the recording team in the optimal flow.

With the license to drive

We drive your guests, candidates and team members safely, reliably and relaxed to the TV show or film set. Of course, our well trained EURONEA production drivers are licensed in passenger transport (§49 PBefG). Trust us, relaxe and enjoy.

We know the requirements of film production

Filming days are often long and stressful, we know that at EURONEA. So we do all the little errands and purchases for your crew or just help to get it go. Whatever happens, we'll take care of it! Rely on the skilled, dedicated production drivers of EURONEA.

TV Film ProduktionsfahrtenFahrdienste für TV Film ProduktionFahrdienste für TV Film Produktion


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